Friday, July 19, 6pm-8pm

Explorations of sonic medium: music, listening, noise, pattern, technology, physics, tools, philosophy. Each meeting begins with two short presentations: current research or work or pieces. Followed by an unstructured evening of shared interest.

A monthly gathering. All experience levels welcome.


04/19/24: memory object and Andris Balins 03/22/24: Zack Scholl and Jonathan Snyder
02/23/24: Tianna Kennedy and Gavin Vitale
01/26/24: Sam Tellman and Paloma Kop
12/08/23: Matt Williams and Kenji Garland
10/27/23: Lara Mitofsky Neuss and Michael Gogins
09/22/23: George Graham and Nathan Asman
08/17/23: Rylee Lyman and Zadie Belfer-Shevett
06/22/23: Adam Samuel Goldman
05/18/23: Brian Crabtree
04/20/23: Dan Derks
03/23/23: Glockabelle and Marcus Johnson
1/19/23: Dave Kopecek and John Hudak
11/10/22: Trent Gill and Rich Whalley
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updated 06/15/24