Sunday Synthesis Study Sessions (S^4)

Sundays in February (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th), 1pm-3pm

Presented by Dan Derks

Sunday Synthesis Study Sessions (S^4) offer periods of guided exploration and play, rooted in the world of sound design and electronic music production. Each session begins with a short presentation of a synthesis technique using both hardware and software. From there, an experienced guide will be present to help participants continue plumbing, extend into their preferred environments / toolkits, or simply use the presentation as a conceptual springboard.

Participants should bring personal headphones and a small toolkit of their own gear to explore -- either a piece of hardware, a laptop, or tablet. Each session's presentation will use free software, like VCV Rack and SuperCollider. We will also have a small hardware modular synth available for hands-on play.

All skill and experience levels are welcome to join! These sessions will feel like a natural extension of our past courses (Basic and Intermediate Synthesis) and monthly sound gatherings.


Dan Derks is part of the day-to-day operations at monome, assembling both instruments and documentation for ways to engage with them. Through their background in education and theater, Dan iterates code through improvisation and collaborative learning, with the goal of building playful and exploratory performance gestures.
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