september 24

7:30pm, doors open at 7pm

music performance by Jonathan Snyder and Dan Derks

a plant develops, stems emerge from different angles and one wonders about the sounds they make with the patterns they have formed.

a performance by Jonathan Snyder, author of the flora script for monome norns. flora has been described as “the ultimate auto-generator of the stereotypical modular/monome plinky+reverb æsthetic on norns, with appropriately interesting conceptualization, I don’t know what is!”(1)

the night begins with an open-ended adventure through a new humanized synthesis / percussion / sampler environment by Dan Derks

(1) Ojala, Mace [xmacex]. (2021, January 10). [Online forum post]. lines forum.

Jonathan Snyder’s search for a vocation began near the turn of the last century at the Media Center for Art History at Columbia University where he built the center’s media lab and spent summers in France documenting the exploration of Gothic cathedrals. For the past few years, he has been discovering the joy of making sounds with code while learning to build, play, and collaborate around electronic musical instruments from his home in Portland, Oregon.

Dan Derks is part of the day-to-day operations at monome, assembling both instruments and documentation for ways to engage with them. Through their background in education and theater, Dan iterates code through improvisation and collaborative learning, with the goal of building playful and exploratory performance gestures.

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