Intermediate Synthesis

Friday October 13, 6-9pm

Presented by Dan Derks

Building off of concepts introduced in our Basic Synthesis classes, Intermediate Synthesis is a deep-dive into creative patching techniques for modular synthesizers. We’ll use VCV Rack (a free software modular synthesizer) as well as hardware, to transform a collection of ‘basic’ utilities into a playground of exciting sounds and musical gestures.

This class is perfect for those with some experience working with synthesizers (either hardware or software). Prior experience with modular synths is not required — we’ll use a very simple toolkit (achieving complexity through mixing and patching), and we will cover the fundamentals of each module as we go.



Dan Derks is part of the day-to-day operations at monome, assembling both instruments and documentation for ways to engage with them. Through their background in education and theater, Dan iterates code through improvisation and collaborative learning, with the goal of building playful and exploratory performance gestures.
(607) 746-2003
updated 02/20/24