November 12 (Saturday) 11am-6pm (with break)

The New Golden Age of Analog Computing

Presented by Trent Gill

Learn to build your own hardware sequencer using 4000-series logic chips on a breadboard. With a brief introduction to logic gates & RC timing networks, we'll build up digital clocks, memory cells, and counters. We'll explore a range of sequencing techniques: Step-based, Counter-based, and Generative feedback. Combining these tools together, each participant will build their own sequencer on breadboard, culminating in a group-improvisation controlling a eurorack synthesizer.



Trent Gill charts maps of sound & computation; building tools for thought and worlds for exploration. With Whimsical Raps they create sonic instruments across the analogue-digital divide. Forever in search of new landscapes where intuition guides techno-expression.
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updated 02/20/24