Darning and Mending Workshop

Saturday March 16th 11am - 1pm

Presented by Megan Avery

Do you have holes in your socks or clothing that you'd love to know how to fix? In this upcoming sewing workshop, you'll learn the forgotten art of darning, allowing you to magically weave new fabric where the hole is. This workshop will also cover visible mending using small pieces of fabric to patch holes.

BYO socks or other clothing in need of mending (thick socks and hand knitted socks are easiest to mend, but thin socks can also be darned). No prior mending or sewing experience is necessary.

All tools and a limited supply of materials will be available for use in the workshop. Additional supplies will be available to purchase at Luck Dragon. You are also welcome to bring your own supplies including embroidery floss, sashiko thread, sock yarn or mending thread.


Reserve here or in person.

Megan Avery of Hipstitch Academy has been teaching sewing and encouraging people to make their own clothing for over 20 years. She strives to help people embrace alternatives to fast fashion by teaching them how to sew, encouraging folks to buy used, as well as mending & altering clothes. There's nothing she loves more than watching her students' faces light up after finishing their sewing projects.

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updated 02/21/24