Spoon Carving: Start to Finish

Saturday and Sunday, August 3-4, 11am - 3pm

Presented by Charlie Downs

In this two day immersive greenwood carving class, students will be introduced to the carving axe. We'll process raw material into carving blanks, sketch a general plan view of the spoon, and cut out our spoon blank. From there, final axe cuts will be made, paving the way to knife work.

At the end of the second day students should have a firm grip on the axing process, form design, proportionality, and carving techniques. And possibly a finished spoon!


Raw material (likely some sweet, buttery birch), axes, and axe blocks will be provided. Please let us know if you intend to bring your own carving axe.

Please bring straight and hook knives. Mora 106, 120, and 162 are recommended. These can be purchased at luckdragon or online. Make sure you indicate handedness when purchasing your hook knife.


Register online or in person prior to the workshop.

Charlie Downs is new to Delhi, NY and is doing his best "my side of the mountain" cosplay on the small farm he and his wife currently inhabit in a drafty old timberframe barn house.

His days are spent designing and coordinating the construction of libraries, elementary schools, and the like. On his off-time he makes things out of wood with traditional hand tools. From timberframe joinery to chopsticks to spoons to coffee scoops. Really any excuse to pick up an axe, chisel, or other edged tool.


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updated 07/06/24