Friday, November 18 6pm - 8:30pm and December 2 6pm - 8pm

Coding Musical Patterns with Tidal Cycles

Presented by Dan Derks

Learn how to compose and live-code musical patterns using simple syntax with Tidal Cycles, a free and open-source programming language that runs on MacOS, Windows, or Linux. Absolutely no prior coding experience is necessary.

The first class will guide participants through the installation of the software dependencies on their own laptops and introduce commands for building and manipulating rhythmic patterns. We’ll focus primarily on sample manipulation and layering effects.

The second class will explore the synthesizers bundled with Tidal Cycles. Building from our understanding of rhythmic patterning from the prior class, we’ll dive into melodic sequencing with arpeggios and chords. We’ll end with a preview of how to build your own synthesizer definitions for Tidal Cycles inside of SuperCollider (another piece of free and open-source software).



Reserve online or in person.

Dan Derks is part of the day-to-day operations at monome, assembling both instruments and documentation for ways to engage with them. Through their background in education and theater, Dan iterates code through improvisation and collaborative learning, with the goal of building playful and exploratory performance gestures. — updated 10/13/22