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Come visit us at 100 Main Street in Delhi, NY for a variety of high quality art supplies, fabric, notions, books, classes and more. Follow along at

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Wednesday - Friday 9am - 4pm
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Upcoming Classes and Events

Intro to Spoon Carving

Saturday, June 1, 11am - 3pm

Presented by Charlie Downs

This hands-on, entry-level workshop will provide participants an immersion into the world of greenwood spoon carving. During the four hour class you'll learn basic knife safety, proper knife grips, and carving techniques, along with thoughts on drying, finishing, and decorating. In the end, you'll walk out with your very own hand carved, edge-finished spoon (almost) ready to stir and/or serve.

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Friday, June 7, 6pm-8pm

Explorations of sonic medium: music, listening, noise, pattern, technology, physics, tools, philosophy. Each meeting begins with two short presentations: current research or work or pieces. Followed by an unstructured evening of shared interest.

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Thursday June 13, 6pm-9pm

It's a very old game with simple rules and complicated situations.

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Soldering for Small Electronics

June 29 (Saturday) 1pm-3:30pm

Presented by Brian Crabtree

Build and take home a noisy sound machine while learning a wide range of soldering skills. We've designed a circuit which includes through-hole, surface mount, and wire lug techniques. We'll also demonstrate methods for repair and salvage.

No previous experience required. All materials and tools provided.

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Intro to Mono and Intaglio Printing

Sunday, July 13, 11am-3pm

Presented by Celia Buchanan

Learn how to create unique monoprints using gel plates and acrylic paints. The beauty of this medium lies in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting, and drawing techniques. You can create both subtle and bold forms, shading, and texture using dry point and abrasion techniques. Intaglio is an etching method that uses plexiglass plates without the use of hazardous chemicals. In this class, you will use water mixable inks that are safe and do not require harsh solvents.

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Ash Splint Harvest and Basketmaking

Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21, 10am-5pm

Presented by Brendan Gaffney

In this two-day workshop, learn to harvest ash splint for basketry and weave a small “square-to-round” ash basket. Beginning with sections of a log, we will learn how to shave and pound billets of ash into raw splint, further refine and divide the spine into weaving material, and learn the fundamentals of plaited basketry.

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