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Come visit us at 100 Main Street in Delhi, NY for a variety of high quality art supplies, fabric, notions, books, classes and more. Follow along at

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Wednesday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

Upcoming Classes and Events

Natural Incense Making

Saturday, February 24 1-3pm

Presented by Ulysses Jackson

Learn the basics of incense making, formulation, and smell some unique natural ingredients from foraged local and harvested faraway. We will make a variety of cones to share and take home.

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Thursday March 7, 6pm-9pm

It's a very old game with simple rules and complicated situations.

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Basic Physical Computing

March 9 (Saturday) 11am-3pm

Presented by Brian Crabtree

Physical computing is the practice of interfacing digital machines and not-digital reality. We'll make a tiny computer blink lights and collect sensor data from knobs and sliders and buttons, culminating in a musical controller to play a virtual synthesizer using MIDI.

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Darning and Mending Workshop

Saturday March 16th 11am - 1pm

Presented by Megan Avery

Do you have holes in your socks or clothing that you'd love to know how to fix? In this upcoming sewing workshop, you'll learn the forgotten art of darning, allowing you to magically weave new fabric where the hole is. This workshop will also cover visible mending using small pieces of fabric to patch holes.

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Machine Learning for Realtime Performance

Saturday March 30th 11am - 3pm

Presented by Rodrigo Constanzo

This workshop will introduce and explore machine learning in the context of performance and live audio input. This will specifically use and explore SP-Tools, a set of machine learning tools that are optimized for low latency and real-time performance. We will also talk about some broader machine learning concepts in the context of music making via the Fluid Corpus Manipulation toolbox and how to incorporate these into your existing workflows.

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Introduction to Video Feedback

Saturday April 13 from 1pm-4pm

Presented by Phase Shift Collective

Come learn the fundamentals of live performance with analog video gear & video feedback. This hands on, interactive workshop will introduce you to the techniques and concepts necessary to get started on your own live video experiments.

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